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Connect with the Plain Community

What is the Plain Communities Business Exchange?

The Plain Communities Business Exchange is a paper mailed monthly that connects plain communities across the United Sates. Many of our subscribers come from Anabaptist groups such as the Amish and Mennonites, who live by Christian values. The Plain Community are folks who choose to live a more simple lifestyle than the modern world. Instead of using the Internet for business, they rely on mail publications for advertising and information about new products. As part of the plain community ourselves, we are excited to help create this network between retailers and customers through our paper mailed to more than 35,000 addresses!

The Plain Communities Business Exchange prints hundreds of advertisements each month for businesses who match our values. Do your products need more exposure? With subscribers in over 40 states, we guarantee that more people will learn about your business!

Do you need a reliable source that provides a variety of products for your business or family needs? Plain Communities Business Exchange is divided into sections. Following are some of the section titles: Business Services & Supplies, Alternative Energy, Woodworking Machinery, Metalworking Machinery, Diesels, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Carriage Supplies, Health & Wellness, and Auctions & Real Estate. You can order many of the products through phone, fax, email, or mail, and the retailer will ship the item to you via common couriers.

We publish interesting, practical stories and articles that are relevant to the plain community. Articles include topics such as business management, advertising, technical resources, broadening horizons, and more. We also include articles that pertain to typical plain community businesses such as farming, manufacturing, and woodworking.

With over 500 pages in each Plain Community Business Exchange, there is bound to be something in this publication for everyone. When you have a chance to sit and relax after a long day of work, pick up this paper and enjoy!
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Mission Statement

Provide plain communities with Kingdom-Focused business teachings and helpful connections through a monthly print magazine.

We value families working together. A family business gives parents the opportunity to pass on Christian principles through daily interaction with their children and strengthens family relationships. A family business can also be a way to reach out and learn to know those in the community.

Within each month’s edition is a variety of services offering wood and metal working equipment and supplies, farming equipment and supplies, professional services, and many other products. With over a dozen department headings in our magazine, you have many resources to draw from for your business needs.

Our publication is a resource that reinforces the traditional values of plain folks. We publish articles and stories that encourage their simple lifestyle and decision to avoid modern entertainment and technology. Our goal is to promote plain community networking and topics that interest the plain folks.

We are currently mailing 35,000 copies each month to over 40 states. Some areas include new settlements where resources are limited and people rely heavily on Plain Communities Business Exchange to purchase business supplies. This paper provides a way for plain community businesses across the country to connect and offer services to other plain community businesses.

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How can your business benefit from the 35,000+ copies we mail each month?

We offer a variety of ad sizes ranging from a full page to 1/16 of a page. We give a discount if your ad will be run for 3 months or more. Even if you decide to downsize the ad, you still receive the discount.

Is it worth the money to advertise? Absolutely! Give us a call today at 717-362-1118 to discuss how we can best promote your business through our advertisements.

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